The Challenge

Our philosophy is simple  food should feel good. But the way we eat today is making us sick and damaging our planet beyond repair. On top of that, the food that we eat isn't very fresh or flavorful. We believe that eating healthy should not compromise flavor, and that nourishment should not imperil our environment. Our mission is to reinvent how we access and interact with our food by creating local infrastructure to grow delicious seafood and produce exactly where it's consumed.

The Future of Farming

Edenworks is building the world's first full stack solution for commercial food production: a fusion of aquaponics, data science, and vertical design. 

Meet the Team

Jason Green
Founder + CEO


Dan Volpe
Head of Engineering


Debi Zvi
Head of Nutrition + Community

Designer, engineer, cross-pollinator--Ben transforms Edenworks’ solution for food production into an essential piece of the built environment. Don’t be surprised if you catch Ben mid-bite, he’s usually chewing on something.

Ben Silverman
Cofounder + Head of Design

Nicholas Chee

Nicholas Chee
Full Stack Dev


Samuel Yoo



Matt La Rosa
Cofounder + Head of Fabrication


Garrett Katz
Data Scientist

Sarah Green
Creative Director

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236 Johnson Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11206