Full Stack Farming

The Edenworks Farmstack is a vertically terraced, modular, closed loop ecosystem, containing all of the components of our aquaponic farm.

Maximizing our growing space, customizing our growing climates, and reusing all of our waste enables each of our farms to provide more customers with a complete and balanced diet, full of flavor and nutritional value.

Our first Farmstack will be operating in Long Island City in 2016.


The taste is completely engrossing and full. This, I say, is what radish is supposed to taste like....I have been eating vegetables at half flavor my whole life.


How it Works

Every Farmstack houses its own population of seafood (right now, we grow tilapia and prawns) and maintains its own micro-climate tailored to its specific plant life, from greens to aromatics to fruiting plants.

Special mushroom growing rooms inside the Farmstack consume all the extra oxygen that our plants breathe out and produce fresh carbon dioxide so our plants can keep breathing.

As New Yorkers, we know how to pack a lot into a small amount of space. Our vertically terraced design gives us more that two and a half feet of growing space for every one foot of farm footprint.

Press + Awards

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