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food reimagined

We grow the most resource efficient, tasty, and nutrient-rich food on the market. Coming soon to a rooftop near you.




Order, harvest, deliver, eat. All in the same day. When your farmer is on your roof, better farming is better shopping. 

Edenworks leverages aquaponics and machine learning to ensure chef-grade taste and nutrient quality. Our goal is singular: to taste what's possible. 


Ben, Jason, and Matt have assembled a rockstar team for Edenworks.  And by "rockstar," we mean skilled, innovative, and devilishly charming.   Get to know who's who!


Take a tour of our flagship farm

236 Johnson Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11206

Want to explore our farm?   Schedule a tour by emailing tours@edenworks.org. 

For a sneak peak, check us out on Instagram

Looking forward to seeing you soon!