What we do

We GROW Produce and tilapia IN LONG ISLAND CITY 

We deliver produce and fish within 24 Hours OF harvest.

our commitment to quality is second to none.

"The taste is completely engrossing and full. This, I say, is what radish is supposed to taste like....I have been eating vegetables at half flavor my whole life."

—Ona Abelis, Greenpointers

The highest quality produce. Year round.

“Edenworks grows exactly the ingredients I want to use. It’s the freshest produce I’ve ever had access to. Working with you is a chef’s dream.”

Derek Miles, Executive Chef, Adalya

“Your shiso is gorgeous. And the flavor is incredible. I could introduce you to 20 chefs who would go crazy to get their hands on it.”

Luke Wu, Manhattan Agriculture and Chief Experience Officer + Chef @ The Market

“I wasn't prepared for the difference in flavor with your greens. They’re so different, so super charged, that they truly are a unique ingredient! Or really the true essence of the actual ingredient."

Jennifer Aaronson, Culinary Director, Marley Spoon